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State Auto Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:STFC)
Board of Directors
As of March 2014

From right: Robert P. Restrepo, Jr.; Eileen A. Mallesch; Robert E. Baker; S. Elaine Roberts;
David J. D’Antoni; David R. Meuse; Paul S. Williams; Alexander B. Trevor; Thomas E. Markert.

Robert P. Restrepo Jr., President and CEO
State Auto Insurance Companies
Term expires in 2015

Robert Baker, President
DHR International
Term expires in 2016

David J. D'Antoni, Retired Senior Vice President
Ashland Inc.
Term expires in 2017

Eileen A. Mallesch, Retired Senior Vice President and CFO
Nationwide Property and Casualty Insurance Company
Term Expires in 2015

Thomas E. Markert
Senior Vice President at Office Depot
Term expires in 2016

David R. Meuse, Principal
Stonehenge Financial Holdings Inc.
Term expires in 2017

S. Elaine Roberts, President and CEO
Columbus Regional Airport Authority
Term expires in 2017

Alexander B. Trevor, President
Nuvocom Inc.
Term expires in 2016

Paul S. Williams, Managing Director
Major Lindsay and Africa
Term expires in 2015


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